A Life Coach Can Change Your Life

Have you thought or felt the need for additional support in achieving your personal goals? You have the drive and skills to get it accomplished but you do not have the guidance or a proven blueprint or an accountability partner that helps you every step of the way. If these feels or thoughts resonate with you, you are in the right place and look no further!

I offer a comprehensive plan that is created and specifically designed for you and your personal needs. My goal is to help you achieve the goals that are ahead of you! Submit your contact information and get started with your first consultation and being your journey!

I am Leon Anson Oldham.
I am a Life Coach.

I have always aspired to impact the world on a greater scale. Through all of my own challenges I found my calling in helping other people achieve their greatest self. I became a Certified Life Coach in May of 2017 and have been helping people just like you achieve their personal and professional goals ever since.
About Me

What is a Life Coach?

Many people don't know what a life coach is and doesn't understand the purpose that a life coach serves. A Life Coach is a wellness professional that helps people through life's challenges and helps create consistency in achieving goals through accountability.

Why should I hire a Life Coach?

Hiring a life coach can be hugely beneficial, because it will provide you with a life accountability partner. A life coach does not coach from areas that they lack experience. Most life coaches teach and mentor from their mistakes or life lessons.

What are the benefits of a Life Coach?

  • Consistent feedback¬†
  • Accountability partner
  • A developed road map to overcome life challenges


-Leon Anson Oldham
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I didn't know what to expect when I first hired a life coach, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions I made in my life. I'm a notorious procrastinator and Leon made sure I stayed on top of all of my goals. He also helped me put minor goals in place that lead to accomplishing major goals. He is available daily and whenever I need him. I found myself confiding in him more than my therapist. Although he is a life coach, his role in my life has been more than that. A counselor, friend, big brother just to name a few. I highly recommend hiring a life coach! You will not regret it. You may stumble, but you will never fall because you have an accountability partner there helping you every step of the way.
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