I am Leon Anson Oldham.
I am a Life Coach.

I am Leon Anson Oldham. I am the oldest child of my parents' three children. Born in a small community of Hopkinsville, KY, I always had dreams and aspirations of impacted the world on a greater level. Being raised in the church, I’ve made every attempt to keep God at the center of my life. From childhood disobedience to adolescent mistakes, and a series of poor decisions, I learned fast about the importance of choosing the correct path that was designed for me. Through those years, at the rate that I was traveling through life, I was headed to prison or the graveyard whichever came first.

Once I started examining myself and holding myself accountable for my actions, life began to make sense and things began to align with God’s purpose for my life. The turning point was realizing that God blesses us all with individual powers that are special for the advancement of others which in turn enhances His kingdom.

I have been blessed to have completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Louisville with a BA degree in psychology and an MBA in Business Marketing and Business Management from Strayer University. I have 22 years of experience in healthcare in which I have been in managerial roles for 15 years. I have entrepreneurial experience as well as the former owner of Established Premium Goods in downtown Louisville, KY, and am currently involved with a major multiple-level market company as well.

There are many layers and chapters of experience on this journey. Within those chapters of my life, I was fortunate to learn life experiences that I have been blessed to be able to share with others to help with similar challenges. After years of helping others and continuing to grow from challenges, I was introduced to Tony Gaskins, one of the top celebrity life coaches in the world. After building and fostering a relationship, I joined his course and became a certified life coaching in May 2017. It has been a refreshing journey. Coaching individuals across the United States and changing and impacting lives one person at a time. I am blessed and feel the calling on my life to help others achieve their personal and professional goals. The beautiful thing about it is the journey has just begun.

"Today could be the day for a breakthrough! Quitting and not ever knowing is not an option!"

-Leon Anson Oldham
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